Welcome! I am a historian of modern Africa and Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York (CUNY). I received my AB from Princeton University in 2003 and completed my PhD in History at Yale University in December 2009. I have taught history, African studies, and human rights at Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and Webster University.

I have three principal research areas: the transnational character of Christianity and its influence on gender politics and family law in Africa; the socially diverse African Christian communities that have responded uniquely to the upheavals of the colonial and postcolonial periods; and human rights in Africa.

I am currently completing a manuscript on the history of religion and law in colonial Africa. The book, entitled: Faith, Power and Family: Christianity and Social Change in French Cameroon (under contract with James Currey, Oxford, UK) illuminates the history of religious, legal, and cultural transformation among African societies living under French rule from France’s military occupation beginning in 1914 to the dissolution of Cameroon as a League of Nations Mandate in 1946.

Another aspect of my research examines human rights politics as a means to understand distinctive new forms of corporate and economic activity in the world. The result of this is my edited volume: Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Rights in the New Global Economy (University of Chicago Press, 2015), edited with John D. Kelly. The work’s contributors explore the ramifications of current global human rights agendas and their objectives for multinational corporations in Africa and throughout the world.


Charlotte Walker-Said

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Charlotte Walker-Said

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